AdMissile Cydia Tweak – Ad Blocker that blocks over 800

So many ads, so be patient … It is time to stop the madness.

The average person sees an average of 4,000 advertisements a day. If you think too many, an ad blocker is your new best friend.

An ad blocker is software that can be used to block ads, and they work in two ways. The first is when a blocker ad blocks the signal from an advertiser server, if the ad never shows on your page. Another way ad blockers work by blocking sections of a website that might be ads.

This new goal tweak powerful features make ad blocking iOS stock. Here’s how it works.

AdMissile Cydia Tweak

How AdMissile works

There are a lot of ad-blocking solutions for users to jailbreak, but most of them are obsolete or are not regularly updated. This new tweak solves this problem once and for all.

Cydia tweak AdMissile is a lightweight ad blocker that blocks a wide range of ad servers. It is developed by the developer tweak, pwn20wnd.

It makes a lot of modifications to the hosts file. Here’s how it works –

  • Move the original hosts file to another location.
  • Copy a new file in place of the original hosts file.
  • Modify this new file.
  • Apply the blacklist to the new file.
  • Restart the necessary system services.
  • This ad blocker is extremely simple to use and requires no setup once you install it. It also doesn’t have any Settings section.

AdMissile Cydia Tweak – Ad Blocker

AdMissile it blows right out of the water in all areas, here’s why –

  • It comes with a better and more diverse blacklist comprising over 800 ad servers.
  • It weighs just 10.9KB and has no effect on the battery life.
  • Other ad blockers leave behind unused files trash after you uninstall them. This problem does not exist in this case because it cleans once you uninstall it from your iOS device.
  • Since the hosts file is modified, it will also work in non-jailbreak mode. This is a great feature if your jailbreak is unstable or if it reaches its expiration date and you are unable to renew its certificate.
  • No reboot is required after installing this ad blocker.

Download AdMissile tweak

  • Therefore, if you want a lightweight, no-frills ad blocker for iOS, this is it. Go ahead and download it to nuke those ads to the stratosphere.
  • AdMissile is accessible for download and it is companionable with iOS 9 and 10.
  • Its latest version is 1.1 and the developer will release bug fixes and other updates soon.

Find the right ad blocker for you

There’s AdMissile tweak Ultimate that gets rid of every single ad, but buyer beware. Some of your preferred newspapers and magazines rely on public relations. Too many people blocking their advertisements could put them out of professional.

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