Download AppSync ( iPhone and iPad )

Apps for every purpose and occasions have been evolved. The web world is crowded with so many of these. We all are interested to know about more and more apps and wish to experience them. Most of the apps, in fact excluding a few exceptions all of them, ask you to register or sign up. This way we are forced to give in our mail id, contact number and other details. This is a common scenario. The database we are giving away may be used for some other reason by the data analysis companies. But we can do nothing about that. So in this situation, if any app offers you the opportunity to experience the new apps without signing up for them, won’t it be a great deal?

Why AppSync?

Appsync is just that kind of a thing. It is a popular jailbreak tweak that will let you enjoy the features of any new app without getting signed up for it. All the iPhone and iPad users can use this tweak. This will help you to enjoy the unsigned apps and games. The process also ensures that you can enjoy the games and apps for free, as you will not be the registered user for those games and apps.

 This is the best way to check the unofficial content on your iOS device. Also if you wish to later buy the game or app, preliminarily you can check them via AppSync.  This tweak can be downloaded and used for free, so that is a reason for joy.

Apple has a strict guideline about the apps. When it comes about third-party apps and games or any unsigned app from a third party, it will be removed.  Some time Apple does not even allow installing the app or game on the device at all. This is why and when the Cydia tweak AppSync will come handy.


What is AppSync?

It is a Cydia tweak and it helps the iOS users to install third-party apps successfully on their gadgets. This is a Free and open-source Cydia tweak. By jailbreaking the device you are modifying it to some extent. This is not why the app has been designed actually. AppSync belongs to the family of iAP apps. Some other apps from this family are vShare, AppCake, Install0us, AppAddict, and others. These apps are quite famous among the regular jailbreakers and they have used almost all of them. This is a helping tool for the jailbreakers so they can experience the cranked games and apps before purchasing them.

What can AppSync do?

  • AppSync supports apps, games, tweaks and other unsigned programmes of Apple. Also, you can access useful apps like iFile with the help of AppSync.
  • It can also let you use the apps that you have downloaded from other third-party stores. The games and apps can be used without registering.
  • Also if the games and apps are not properly running because they have not been installed properly on your device then it will be synchronized by AppSync and you can run them successfully.

How to Install AppSync

If you want to use the cracked applications on your jailbroken iDevices, install AppSync on it. Most of the popular jailbreak stores now have AppSync on their repository source.

What you need to have to install AppSync- a good internet connection is an obvious necessity.  Also, you need your iDevice to be jailbroken. The Cydia store should be there on your device. The iDevice will be above iPhone 5. iOS versions of the device should be above iOS 7+.

Now you will begin by checking the Cydia download page and make sure that the jailbreaks are available there. So the steps are followed below-

  • First, open the Cydia page and set it to be used for the first time.
  • Cydia will reopen after the device resprings.
  • Then click on manage and then choose source.
  • Select add after clicking on edit. Now you have to type the URL-
  • Next, you will tap on the add button from the popup message that will appear.
  • Give it some time to Cydia for adding this.
  • Now click on the source name and then you will get AppSync Unified when you search for it.
  • Click on a result and then select install to get this tweak on your iDevice.
  • Give it some time and it will be installed.


This tweak should be used wisely and not for any commercial purpose. This tweak is created to let the users give a chance to use the unregistered games and apps beforehand. This way they can try them and later buy them for proper legal use.


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