Cydia Eraser (How-to Delete Cydia Jailbreak)

Earlier known as Cydia Impactor, this eraser makes the Cydia move away from your device yet not forcing to update you for the later version of iOS.

This feature has come to Cydia eraser after the respective app was updated and got a new name from its creator, Saurik. This has come up as the most useful app and a powerful tool for Android users. IOS users who use Cydia regularly now can remove it without updating their gadgets to the upper version of iOS.

Things to remember:

  • First thing you have to remember while using Cydia eraser is if you wish to install Cydia eraser, install it along with installing Cydia. That is how you will be able to ensure the iOS version is retained and you have chance to reinstall Cydia furthermore.
  • Cydia is constantly being patched by Apple so you cannot restore Cydia by the usual method once it has been removed from your device. If you wish to protect your iOS firmware immediately install Cydia eraser after you install Cydia. This is how you will be able to safely use your device and reinstall Cydia.

This one is pretty easy to install and you can use it flexibly. The detailed process is described below:

  • First, you have to plug in your iPhone or iPad into your PC and then open iTunes.
  • Take the back up of your data, you must not skip this step as it is an important one.
  • Keep your phone connected and make sure that the battery has minimal charge at least if it is more it will be better.
  • Now launch Cydia on your phone and search for the Cydia eraser.
  • Now install it in the same process you installed Cydia.
  • Let your device respring and you will see the app icon present at the home page of your device.

How to use it:

If you are thinking of removing Cydia from your phone then do it with the Cydia eraser.

  • First, open the Cydia eraser by clicking on it.
  • Now select the option “delete all data and unjailbreak the device”.
  • Now a new window will open that will ask for the confirmation.
  • Click Delete all to confirm your decision.
  • Now leave your device for a few seconds, the process will go on its own.
  • After the process is finished the device will be rebooted and the original iOS version will be back without Cydia.
  • Now set up your device.

Features of Cydia eraser:

The main feature of Cydia eraser is pretty much understandable and people who have used Cydia eraser are sure to know about that. But there are more to it.

  • Cydia eraser can remove Cydia from your device but never affects the iOS version of your device. If you wish to use iTunes for the same purpose, your device will be updated to the latest iOS version. So you can understand how important this feature of Cydia eraser is.
  • The above feature ensures that if you remove Cydia you can again reinstall it with the same iOS version.
  • Cydia eraser removes all signs of Cydia from your device. So if you need to take the phone to an apple store to fix any issue on your device of if you plan to sell it, no one can assume that it was jailbroken earlier or Cydia was installed in it. This way the warranty of your phone will be safe too.
  • You do not have to use Mac or PC as Cydia eraser works directly on your iOS device.

Other ways of removing Cydia:

There are other ways of removing Cydia from your device. If you cannot access Cydia eraser app or Cydia store then you can follow the below process. This also happens to help to remove Sileo jailbreak app store.

  • Using succession app- this app also helps to remove Cydia from the iOS device and there is no worry of jailbreaks. You can get it from the dynastic repository. Add this repository to the Cydia by tapping on the add source.

Open Cydia app and in search tab type Succession. After finding, download it. The home page will have this icon and when you need it, click on download clean filesystem on the main page of this app. Next, click on the start download button and wait. After the completion of download go back to the main page and click on Prepare to restore.

  • Restoring the iPhone or iPad- this process is effective for deleting and removing the device. This process also upgrades your device to the latest supported version of iOS. It will remove your data and the device will be restored to the latest firmware, so you need to back up your data before you start this process.

Launch iTunes and plug in the device. If you get to see any trust this device message click on to confirm it. Now restore again and leave the device. When it will be done it will reboot the machine. now the latest iOS version will appear with the Hello Screen and the jailbreak app will be gone.

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