downgA7ade – Downgrade iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2/Air to iOS

iOS 11 has come up with the new technicalities and features to make the users happier, but due to the complexity it comes with, some users wish to go back to the good old days which they spent using iOS 10. So if you are one of them, then keep on reading.

Reasons for downgrading:

There are certain reasons that compel the iOS 11 users to wish for downgrading to iOS 10 or 10.3.3. Some of them are:

  • The battery life acts in a poor way once you get the iOS 11 version.
  • There are way too many updates which sometimes create a problem.
  • iOS 10 was a stable version of firmware and so you have been chosen the right way to downgrade your device.

The new tool that is here to help you out is downgA7ade. This tweak helps you with the downgrade process and that too in a safe way.


About the product:

This app has been developed by the legacy developer Hacks4Live.  This tweak acts like a utility that gives the gadget authorization of A7 downgrade process. The processors which have yet not been initiated like Apple A7 can get back to iOS 10 by downgrading from iOS 11-11.1.2.

How it can do that:

The Apple A7 can be downgraded because the iOS 10.3.3 comes with the signing window which still has options for the gadgets.

For a smart tech-savvy person the restoring process is easy, but it is not so for the layman. So for the beginners, this tool will make the process easy and hassle-free.

This tool only works for iOS 10.3.3 but you can manually downgrade all other iOS 10 versions, for which you have to search and follow the manual process.


This tool is compatible with the iPhone 5S, 6.1 and 6.2 models. It is incompatible with iPad Air and iPad mini 2.

This tool is being worked on for more updates and upgrades. The developers are working on to make it compatible to support other versions in future. If you are unable to use this tool now, try some manual method or wait for the updated tool.

Where to download from:

You can download downgA7ade from RC1, Beta 5 and the official link is Beta 4.

The updates it has taken:

On February 4 it has been updated when the RC1 was out. It was made more stable, with more choices for the users.

Also, Beta 5 adds the executable file to this tool with better support for iPhone 6,1 model.

What do you require:

You need a compatible device, to begin with. Along with that a requisite SHSH Blobs for the target version, a computer running windows and a lightning USB cable are required.

How you can downgrade iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2/AIR

  • Begin with downloading the tool from the above-mentioned sources. The file you will download will be in zip format so you need to extract that to a location in your PC.
  • Now connect the iPhone or iPad to the PC.
  • Next, get hold of your SHSH Blob file and use shsh2 extension. Keep that file placed on your desktop home screen. Rename it to blob.shsh2.  Or else you can download the iOS 10.3.3 on your PC. Rename it as target.ipsw.
  • You have to run the .bat file so the programme gets started.
  • After you have launched downgA7ade successfully, it will start searching for requisite IPSW file on its own. If the file is not found, downgA7ade will download its own firmware downloader so you can check the required version and avail it.
  • After the firmware file is downloaded by downgA7ade, the downloading of Cydia Impactor and NonceSet1112 will start.
  • Now the impactor and sideload NonceSet1112 is launched on your device (iPhone or iPad) by downgA7ade as well. Set the nonce by using downgA7ade.
  • The process does not end after nonce is set and the rest of the fillies are ready, as now the tool will start working on the restoration of your device.

It is preferable to use this tool only if you have SHSH Blobs for iOS 10.3.3. If you cannot arrange for that, it is better to go manual with restoration and downgrading.

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