Cydia Download (How-to Guide and Links)

The android users are always in search of new apps and there are various ways to get them. You can get apps from different stores and if you come by an app store that fulfils all your wishes then it will be perfect, right? The just perfect solution for the never-ending app’s search is here, the Cydia app store.

Cydia is a third-party app store which stores a large number of useful apps to choose from and it is a great place for the iOS users. This is developed by Jay Freeman. The in-depth tweaks and the apps offered by the Cydia makes your phone work the way it should be and make you happy and satisfied iOS user.


Downloading Cydia:

Cydia is compatible with several versions of iOS and you can download the required version from the links available on the internet.

  • Cydia for iOS 13 – 13.2.3

Devices like iPhone 5s to iPhone X need this version of Cydia. For iOS 13 jailbreak you need this bootrom un-patchable exploit. This one can get you dubbed checkm8, which is an exploit jailbreak to make your iOS more interesting. You can own any iOS 13 version and the output will be exciting.

  • Cydia iOS 12-12.4.2 – 12.4.3

The latest iOS 12 jailbreaks can be achieved by installing Cydia iOS 12. Also, you can download CheckRa1n for devices with iOS 12.4.3, Chimera for iOS up to 12.4 and Unc0ver for iOS up to 12.4. All these are jailbreak tools and can help you get alluring features and facility on your android mobile. If you wish to jailbreak your mobile without using the laptop that is also possible, check for the options on the internet.

  • Cydia iOS 11-11.4.1

You can now use Cydia iOS 11 jailbreak by Electra jailbreak tool. Download Electra app IPA to get this app.

  • Cydia iOS 1010.3.3

You can now jailbreak Cydia iOS 10 with H3lix jailbreak app. Download this app from the links given on the internet.

  • Cydia iOS 9-9.3.5

You can download Cydia app on iOS 9 firmware by Ph0neix jailbreak tool. Get Ph0neix jailbreak IPA file from the links available on the internet.

  • Cydia iOS 8- 8.4.1

Latest jailbreak tool EtasonJB will help you to jailbreak iOS 8 and this one works pretty well on iOS 8.4.1 and below. Download this jailbreak from the link available on the internet.

  • Cydia iOS 7- 7.1.2

The popular Pangu jailbreak tool will help you to enable the Cydia on iOS 7. The app download file is available on the internet separately for Windows and Mac users.

  • Cydia iOS 6-6.1.6

This is the first Cydia released for jailbreaking the iPhone. The POsixspwn jailbreak is there to allow you downloading Cydia for your iOS 6 gadget. For Mac and Windows get separate download option from the internet.

  • Cydia iOS 5-  iOS 5.1.1

There is RedSn0w jailbreak app which enables Cydia jailbreak in your iOS 5 device and that is available for both Windows and Mac version. You need to use a computer to download and use this tool.

  • Cydia iOS 4- iOS 4.3.5

GreenpOsion app is the earliest jailbreak app which can install Cydia successfully on iOS 4 firmware. The link for downloading this app is available on the internet.

Features of Cydia

Several features that Cydia offers are detailed below;

  • This is an installed app for the jailbreak process, and you cannot install it singly like a standalone app.
  • There are several apps and tweaks offered by Cydia, these apps cover multiple areas of iOS.
  • You can change the theme and design of your device by downloading tweaks.
  • You can get additional features and functionality by downloading the apps and tweaks from Cydia app store for your existing iOS gadget.
  • New versions of stock apps are also available with the Cydia store.
  • There are many unofficial apps and games in the Cydia store to entertain you.
  • You can avail lots of ringtones, wallpapers and other attractive features from Cydia store along with some other useful features.

Alternative of Cydia:

There are many alternatives available for Cydia so if you wish to look into the list, go check the internet. The apps can replace Cydia and yet will be able to download your favourite apps and tweaks on your device. Those will help you to get third party games and apps for your device. The popular options are Sileo, AppValley, Emus4U, Panda Helper, TutuApp, Tweakbox, CokernutX, iOSEmus, AppCake, Asterix Installer, Aptoide, Mojo Installer and many more.

How to remove it:

If you install Cydia eraser in time of installation of Cydia then it becomes quite easy to remove Cydia. Cydia eraser is a useful tool, as it can remove Cydia from your device but will not affect the current iOS version. This happens to make the reinstallation of Cydia on your device easier whenever you need it. Also, you can restore the previous session after reinstalling Cydia and it is just perfect for your easy use.

FAQ regarding the use and installation of Cydia:

  • Is it possible to install Cydia without jailbreaking the device?

The answer is a big No. Cydia can never be installed without jailbreaking first. You can try several other alternatives of Cydia which does not require jailbreaking if you are unwilling.

  • Is it safe for the iPhone?

Cydia needs root access to your firmware and this one has been tested by developers thoroughly. You need to jailbreak your device to download it. so basically you are breaking the security measure of Apple by downloading Cydia. This may turn up to be a hole from where the potential malware enters your device. But since now there have been only a few cases reported, but if you are not fully convinced, go for some alternative which does not need your device to be jailbroken.

  • What are the benefits of jailbreaking?

By jailbreaking your device you get to use Cydia which is a third party app and which enables you to use tweaks and modification that can make your device look and work in an awesome way. The tweaks are not authorized by Apple but by jailbreaking you have now got the access over those tweaks and features.

  • Is jailbreaking illegal?

No, it is not illegal. As per the declaration of Library of Congress in Legal exemption to the DMCA the jailbreaking has made legal.

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