Fuzzy Cydia Tweak – Blur lock screen wallpaper when Notifications arrive

Fuzzy Cydia tweak is among the tweaks of the Cydia application or tool. It is used to give a beautiful blur effect on the lock screen. To know whether it is useful or not, we need to first look at the process and the way by which it works. Only then we will be able to conclude how beneficial it is.

Fuzzy Cydia Tweak – Blur effect in the tweak

The blur effect in the background is the latest tweak that has come up and it also allows you to blur the notification background too.

By using this jailbreak tweak you can easily change the colour, the tone and the tint of your notification centre. This is necessary as there is a very boring and a dull background that if changed would become better and more interesting.

fuzzy cydia tweak

The process by which the notifications are burred might take a few moments and may also slow down the working of notification centre. There is an addition of a feature. By this feature, you are able to bur the background and the notification background altogether. And by this feature, the process won’t slow and the working will be smoother.

Fuzzy Cydia Tweak Features

The ios system and the ios version 9 have the minimalistic UI. Due to this reason, this system does away with the blur effects. This might have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The users have a different set of choices; some prefer the older graphics while some love the new one.

Due to this reason, we have introduced a new tweak. This tweak is the Cydia tweak. It is very useful and interesting teak that comes into use.

Fuzzy Cydia Tweak working:

This tweak helps to blur your background or the lock screen. This tweak is being developed by the developer Candoizo. This feature can be easily brought to use in the iOS 9 and is also available in the iOS 10. There are a number of modes that you can use with feature. These are:

  • Light
  • Vibrant
  • Vibrant dark
  • Dark.

You can arrange these options and modes as per your choice. This can be easily done in the settings menu. You can easily deal with the blur ratio you want to have easily in a few steps. The interesting thing that you need to know about fuzzy is that it makes use of the stock functions. These are available in the iOS 10. There is no foreign code usage in the iOS 10 version. You also need to be aware that sometimes the blur effect remains even though the notifications are cleared.


Apart from these features, the fuzzy tweak is easily compatible with all the lock screens and also the NC link10.

Download the Fuzzy Tweak

This feature is great since it is useful for those who don’t have the iOS 9 enhancement. If you want to have good and better results you can try it with the Widgefication X or the transparNC. The fuzzy Cydia tweak is easily compatible with ios version 9 and 10.


There are a number of tweaks that you can use. But you can try this out as it is a great one and is really interesting and useful. And along with it allows you to change the defect settings.


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