How to Fix Recovery Mode on iPhone

Recovery mode on the iPhone protects you from losing your data while performing anyone of the following activities: 

  • Updating of the iOS on the iPhone and you can’t do it with the software updates.
  • Your iPhone is not responding or getting hang then you would have to restore your iPhone.
iPhone Revocery Mode

What is the Recovery Mode:

When the iOS or the operating system is not working properly of your iPhone, you generally get out of the problem just by restarting it, but if the problem persists further you would solve it by putting the iPhone into recovery mode.

Recovery mode allows your iPhone to connect with the iTunes, which allows you to make a backup for your useful data on the iPhone that you can easily put your iPhone into recovery mode and make it last-resort.

How to Fix Recovery Mode on iPhone

In this blog this we are going to discuss how you should put your iPhone into recovery mode so that you would not lose your data while restoring.

You will require a pc or laptop, and follow these steps –

  • Connect your ios device to the laptop or pc
  • Now open iTunes.
  • After connecting properly press and hold Sleep and Home Button at a time.
  • As you continue holding this you would see the Apple logo and after few seconds the screen of recovery mode.
  • Now you will see two options Restore and Update.
  • Choose Update. Your iPhone will be updated in the restore mode.

Restore or Update:

If You Got stuck in the process after selecting the Update option, you must exit the recovery mode and try the process again. And this time select Restore instead of Update.

  • After successfully Completion Restore or Updation, Reset Your iPhone.
  • Your data would be on iTunes or In iCloud. You can restore it from there anytime.

Get-out From Recovery Mode:

  • If you get stuck in the recovery mode in any way follow the steps to get out of it –
  • Connect You iPhone to the Mac
  • Now open iTunes on the Mac
  • iTunes will detect and restore the iPhone. Choose to restore option from your iPhones.
  • As the recovery mode has open the data would be safe you have lost it.

Get-out your iPhone from the recovery mode – 

Although the iPhone come-out from the recovery mode after doing restart after the restoration got complete but if you want to exit from recovery mode anytime before following these steps – 

  • First un-plugged your device from the USB cable
  • Now press the sleep button and let the device switched off.
  • Hold the button until you see the Apple icon.
  • Now release the button and the device got to restart.
  • Now your device will out from the recovery mode.


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