NCLink10 – Group Notifications by Apps

In the ios version that has been developed lately do not have a good display of the inbound notifications. These notifications had a better display in the older versions and along with that, the notifications of groups has also declined.

so here we have a new tweak this tweak is the NCLink10 which is developed for the iOS devices and is developed by the developer HiDaN. This tweak will help you group notifications and along with that, it will also help you in collapsing the sections together with the help of which you are easily able to reduce the clutter.


To do this easily you can tap on any header and you will be able to your task easily. And doing this you are also making our screen cleaner. While you collapse the headers you will notice that some of the headers have numbers. These numbers will indicate that there are missed notifications that you need to see.

NCLink 10 tweak will help you to configure some of the options easily.  There are a few main sections. These are:

  • Notification centre
  • Lock screen
  • General

In the above sections you will notice the following options:

  • Toggle notifications that will help you in grouping the notification centre.
  • Enable the collapsing of notifications in the notification centre.
  • Enable the notification collapsing on the lock screen.
  • Collapse the incoming notifications on the lock screen automatically.
  • There should be a button to clear the notifications.
  • Configure the font size.
  • Configure the position of the app title.
  • Use the styled notifications.
  • There should be configured collapsed notifications.
  • Display of the collapsed notifications in numbers.

There are a number of ways by which we can use the NCLink 10 tweak as per the needs of the users. This also has features regarding the power and installations that the ios systems do not have.

Working of the NCLink 10:

By using this tweak we are able to enhance the display of notifications and along with that hide the notifications by grouping them all together. You are able to easily configure the options using the settings menu. The tweak is easily compatible with the following:

  • Modern
  • Colorbanners 2
  • Unify X

If you won’t a better result you need to uninstall the unify applications.

Downloading the NCLink 10 tweak

The tweak might seem to be a trivial one but a lot of work has been done to develop it. This is easily available at $1.99. So, according to the price, it is surely a good buy.


This is a very suitable tweak that you can use to get your notifications configured. Try it out on your ios devices to enhance the notifications.


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