NotificationTester Cydia Tweak – Send a Test Notification


  • NotiticationTester Cydia is an app used for testing push notifications on iOS and Android.
  • Support Mac OS, Windows, Linux
  • Support using the certificate and the token for authentication with APNS
  • Autosave settings

Support iOS Provider Certificate

  • Read more Provider Certificates
  • Go to Member Center
  • Generate Apple Push Notification Service SSL (Sandbox and production); this is now used for two sandboxes and output. Download the .cer file
  • Double-click the .cer file to install keychain, and then export it as p12
  • In NotificationTester, select .p12 file, fill out passphrase if needed, fill out bundle id, device token, message, and choose the environment
  • Message to be in JSON format, see the creation of Remote Notification Payload
  • Support iOS Authentication Token
  • Read more Authentication Tokens
  • Go to Member Center
  • Create a Key for push notification. Download as .p8 file.
  • Note your key id
  • Note your team id on Account Membership

In NotificationsTester, select .p8 file, fill out key-id, team id, bundle id, device token, message, and choose the environment

Send yourself test notifications with this jailbreak tweak

There are countless jailbreak tweaks in Cydia that allow you to change the look of your notification banners, but not all of them come with an option to view your changes after you apply the new settings.

If you fall on this issue often, then you’ll love a new free version of NotificationTester called by the developer iOS D4ni.

This tweak allows you to fire off a barrage of test notification banners throughout iOS, effective on the lock screen and elsewhere in iOS, allowing you to see the effects of cosmetic tweaks based notification you installed on request.

This solution is more practical than asking someone else to send you notifications every 2 minutes when you apply changes to one of your tweaks, especially since people do not always respond as quickly as you hope.


  • Compatible with iOS 10 and 11
  • Send test notifications from settings; you can choose whether to send a piece of official information or a lock screen notification.
  • Useful if you want to test how notifications look with a new tweak lock screen, for example.
  • Configure options from Settings.
  • Source code available on Github

How Notificationtester Works

Not everyone has a Notification Center that’s overflowing with notifications. This problem isn’t a massive issue for the average user, but it certainly is for a jailbreaker.

Lack of notifications makes it difficult to test out Cydia tweaks that rely on them. That is where another tweak called NotificationTester comes in.

NotificationTester Cydia tweak allows you to send “test” notifications anytime manually. Dutch tweak developer GewoonDani develops it.

It turns out to be very advantageous when you want to test Cydia tweaks such as-

  • Unify
  • ColorBanners
  • NCLink10
  • CHeader
  • Boxification


  • Open Command Palette.
  • Notification Write Test: and use a command list to test notification Badge Center or Progress.

Here’s a list of all its features –

  • Configure custom notification text.
  • Choose the number of notifications to be sent.
  • Send notifications as applications

You can organize these possibilities from its Settings segment.


NotificationTester adds a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can configure a few options:

  • Among the things you can do here are:
  • Launch Lock screen notifications
  • Launch normal banner notifications
  • Randomize app notifications
  • Choose the number of notifications to receive
  • Choose the custom notification text to appear in each banner

Download Notificationtester Tweak

This is a free package and installation value if you want to customize the lock screen and notification centre.

You can also use Cydia tweak Activator to send notifications fictitious. However, each user uses Activator, and it is good to have a free tweak that performs this specific action.

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