PremiumPlay Cydia Tweak

Now we are here in this article with another tweak. This tweak is mainly aimed for the binge-watchers. It will help to make the life of the users easily as it will help them in binge-watching the shows.

Need of the Premium Play Cydia tweak

Airplay is one of the most common tweaks that we use. There are a number of problems that are arising due to the airplay tweak. It does not allow users to work properly and usually show some errors. So due to this reason we need a new tweak.

Premium Play

Working of the Premium Play Cydia tweak

With the premium play apps, you are able to enable the airplay on the apps that usually block it. This tweak is compatible with the following:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Direct TV
  • Verizon FiOS
  • Xfinity stream

PremiumPlay Cydia Tweak

The developer will be adding support for the non-cable apps like the crunchy roll. If you are wishing to have compatibility then you are required to send these files in an unencrypted format so that these are integrated accordingly.

Downloading the Premium Play Tweak

This tweak is necessary for everyone who uses cable apps. The price at which it is available is lesser and is the right one. The developers of this tweak are also working upon it so that they can add more premium features and increase the level of the tweak.

There are a number of tweaks that you may like. So go ahead and know about some of thee in brief.

Alternatives for the premium play tweak

Kill x tweak:

This tweak is very easy to use, is simple and is very useful for the users. By using this tweak you are able to close all the apps in one go. This tweak will help you to install it for free. It is also compatible with the ios versions 11-12.4.

New grid switcher tweak:

This tweak will help you to change the grid switcher of all the ios systems, like the ios 12 and the ios 11. You are easily able to install it from the Cydia repositories. This will easily provide you with the alternatives that you can search for.

Real cc tweak:

The real cc tweak is very simple to use and is very necessary for the ios. This will allow you to access the wifi and Bluetooth easily. This can be done by turning the ios control centre off. This will help you save a lot of time, as it will disable the wifi without the need for navigation.

Power module tweak

This tweak helps to increase the possibilities of the control centre. What this tweak actually does is that it adds quick power controls for you. This will help you manage the following features:

  • Safe mode
  • Power down
  • Reboot
  • Locking the handset
  • Clearing cache


The premium play tweak and the other tweaks are very useful as they will help in binge-watching and along with that adding a few more advanced features.


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